SLS MK IV Deep Diving Bail Out System

The Divex Secondary Life Support (SLS) System is an emergency breathing apparatus intended for use in the event of a fundamental failure of a diver’s primary life support umbilical.

Picture 1 SLS Diver

Picture 2 SLS System

Designed in response to the acknowledged need to enhance diver safety, Divex recognised the shortcomings of conventional open circuit bailout systems which lack endurance, thermal protection and adequate work of breathing.

The SLS MkIV System operates on a semi-closed circuit rebreather principle independent from the primary system, providing over 13 minutes of warm breathing gas at depths of 400 metres.

  • 13.5 minutes of warm gas at 1300ft / 400m depth
  • 26 minutes duration at 500ft / 150msw
  • Smaller than conventional bailout systems
  • Complies with NPD Regulations
Divex are introducing their new rebreather, COBRA which will be the successor to the tried and trusted SLS bailout rebreather. COBRA will incorporate many technical advances and be available at a significantly reduced target price.
SLS MkIV System c/w Ultrajewel 601 Reclaim Helmet
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SLS Backpack and Helmet Interface to Retrofit to Customer’s 17C Reclaim Helmet
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