AH5, Divex Free-Flow Air Helmet

The Divex AH5 is the successor to the Divex AH3 and AH4 that has long been accepted by many commercial divers as the standard for safety, quality, performance and reliability.

Picture 1 Diver wearing AH5 Helmet

Picture 2 AH5 Helmet

This lightweight, free-flow air helmet is designed to be used either fitted with its own neck seal, or locked directly into a drysuit.

Because it combines many of the advantages of both the traditional hard-hat helmet and of modern diving masks, the AH5 is recommended for tasks as diverse as heavy construction, mobile inspection, protracted dives in cold and polluted waters, and nuclear diving.

  • CE Certified
  • Engineering, inspection, pollution & nuclear diving applications
  • Low maintenance and extremely cost effective
Divex AH5 Free-Flow Air Helmet (CE Approved)
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